Monday, December 20, 2004


6 lads and a Newbie

Been pretty busy the last few weeks and haven't had time to update the Blog. Anyhow, last weekend was a pretty enjoyable blast with 6 of us out for a scream around the local woods. It was fairly sticky mud but OK considering the time of year.

It was great to welcome Julian out with his new Kona, his first time out in 'proper' woods with real mud, rocks and roots. The fact that he went over the handlebars twice should not take away from the fact that he did really well. He is a little like my buddy Ed who is naturally fit and seems not to need to warm up, have any previous experience or indeed worry about turning up in jeans and a sweatshirt to have a good time. Julian did a pretty good job of keeping upright and generally keeping up with the group. Of course we had to wait at each intersection of trees but not as long as I thought we would. On the final drag up the hill to home he was no more than 90 seconds back which is great going. Nice one Ju!

I break up for the pagan festival of Christmas ( this weekend and am looking forward to a stack of riding over the week and a bit of free time.


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