Friday, December 03, 2004


Eventful few weeks

When ever I ride with others I always get really boring and suggest that they carry a spare inner tube and tool kit for those on trail emergencies. Last weekend I head off into the woods alone and 45 minutes out - Hisss - front puncture. Not only had I forgotten an inner tube, I was also short a tire iron and when I tried to pump up the old tube to see if it would last the distance my pump had a perished seal! Great, long walk home.

Today just got back from a tough few hours doing the Twrch trail at Cwm Carn in South Wales. The initial climb was a killer today with the steep parts strewn with very slippery rocks and roots. Even though it was only about 3degrees I found myself in my T-Shirt within 1/2 hour. The climb took almost an hour, over 15 minutes more than normal. However the awesome downhill sections made it all worthwhile with my suspension working overtime and lots of airtime.

They are working on the lower section turning it into a full downhill course and although not finished it was fabulous, loads of jumps and berms and flowing corners. When the mud is sorted out it will be a superb if trecherous stretch.

Can't wait to go back.

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